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With or Without You - March 2017

Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two young people, who in spite of everything, just want to be together. They come from two very different families. They are young and hopeful enough that their love will surpass all obstacles. However, throw in two rival political candidates (who are also their parents), over powering siblings and a class divide that makes everything all the more complicated.

The Capulets are a wealthy, privileged family who pride themselves on honour and loyalty to the family name and traditions. So much so that their nephew, Tybalt, takes this too far resulting in his untimely death.

The Montagues are a more contemporary family, with a lesbian couple at the head of the household and three adopted children. Although they struggle to keep their children in check, especially their hot headed daughter Mercie, Fiona and Alice and Granny Mary, still only want what is best for their children.

Romeo and Juliet struggle with their relationship and try to find guidance from The Nurse, Juliet’s confidante, and Father Laurence, Romeo’s uncle, but their fate is inevitably sealed. Even with the help of Romeo’s ex girlfriend, Rosaline, and his sister, Benji, they still are not able to be together until the end.

This is a modern take on the infamous Shakespearian tragedy. All of the original themes of love, conflict, relationships and rivalries are explored through a soundtrack including U2, The Arctic Monkeys, Jet, The Kaiser Chiefs and many more pop/rock hits. Please feel free to laugh, cry, gasp, scream, shout and dance at this re working of this classic love story.

For remember, ‘Never was there a story of more woe that that of Juliet and her Romeo’.

Double R Arts would like to give a huge thank you to Steve from Hand Beattie Photo for providing the photos featured in this gallery.