Registered Charity No. 1165997

Deloris, Debbie and Deedee Van Cartier, a show stopping trio of lounge singers, had the world at their feet. Crowds cheering their names while they lived the high life their fame and fortune brought them… that was of course, until they where in the wrong place at the wrong time and that world came crashing down around them.

After witnessing a cold blooded murder by no other than the infamous mobster, Denny LaRocca, they were forced to flee for their lives as it was now  them in the firing line. Desperately trying to evade the hunt for their lives, they sought refuge in a local police station, with no choice but to testify what they had witnessed. Making their lives even more valuable as a their execution would be the only way Denny can ensure they remain silent.

With Denny’s eyes and ears covering every corner of the city, Lieutenant Eddie Souther has only one option to keep them safe… place them in witness protection within a convent, the one place Denny has no operatives. Leaving Deloris, Debbie and Deedee no choice but to take up the habit and become nuns, to ensure their cover isn’t blown before the trial.

But will Deloris, Debbie and Deedee be able to cope with the strain of religious life? Will the vows of poverty and obedience be too much for them? Will their presence and lack of religious discipline stir up too much trouble amongst the other sisters? And will they be able to maintain their cover long enough, to prevent their early demise?

Raise your voice follows this journey of Deloris, Debbie and Deedee from the high life of show business, to the simplicity of religious life. Showcasing how song can be the bridge connecting these two worlds and bring new life to the convent and those who reside their.

Tickets are just £7 for adults and £4 for young people, with the show  taking place at 7:00pm on Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th and Monday 19th March, with an additional matinee taking place at 2:00pm on Sunday 18th. Tickets can be booked via telephone or email, through the methods listed on our Contacts page, which also contains the full address of the shows location, Penwortham Young Peoples Centre on Priory Lane Penwortham.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in this production, then feel free to pass on the events Flyer to them and if you have any questions regarding the event, or anything else Double R Arts related, then feel free to contact us via any of the methods listed on our Contacts page.