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Raise Your Voice - March 2018

The Van Cartier Sisters – Deloris, DeeDee and Debbie are regular performers at the Moonlight Lounge entertaining crowds with their upbeat musical numbers and lively personalities.  Managed by the questionable Denny La Roca, one evening after their show they witness a murder committed by Denny and his thugs.  After managing to escape to the police station, all round good guy Officer Eddie puts the girls into witness protection into the only place he thinks the girls will never be found - St Mark’s of Halleron convent.  

The Mother Superior is against the protection of the girls and is concerned that their ‘worldly ways’ will influence her sisters.  So she only agrees if they become nuns and follow all the rules of the convent.  They are sworn to secrecy and must never reveal their true identities to anyone.  

Initially, the Van Cartier's struggle with convent life and one night escape to a local bar where their cover is nearly blown…..luckily Eddie saves them. Ho wever, Mother Superior punishes them by making them join the choir.  With their musical ability they make the very ‘tone deaf’ choir into a joyful noise and introduce more upbeat and popular music to the sisters much to the dismay of Mother Superior.

The choir’s success brings news crews to the church and they are filmed performing.   This is seen by Denny’s thugs who are sent to infiltrate the convent and capture the girls.  Luckily, Eddie knows that Denny is aware of their location and he tries to protect the Van Cartier's again by taking them back to his apartment as he knows the convent is no longer safe.  The girls argue about where their loyalties now lie.  Debbie and DeeDee want to go back to protect their ‘sisters’, defying Eddie’s advice to stay where they are.  Deloris struggles with who she is and what she believes, but ultimately joins her sisters at the convent to protect the others. Denny and his thugs are not far behind and try to capture the girls in a convent full of nuns.  However, this doesn’t quite go to plan and chaos ensues…….

Will Denny and his thugs work out who are the real Van Cartiers? Will Eddie finally shoot his gun at the right time and place to save the day? Did the Van Cartiers actually become Nuns? And who is the very special visitor that comes to see the St Mark’s of Halleron Choir perform?

Double R Arts would like to give a huge thank you to Steve from Hand Beattie Photo for providing some of the photos featured in this gallery.