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Penny, Layla and the Missing Pieces - July 2017

Penny and Leyla are best friends and they do everything together!! They sit next to each other in every lesson and spend all their breaks together.…yet in one regular school PE lesson, after they slip and fall they bang their heads, are split up and both transported in to parallel worlds.  

These worlds are ruled by two Queens, Alice and Elsa who have had a very large falling out over a broken kite!!  Queen Alice is so angry with her Queen sister, Elsa that they become evil Queens and split their world in two, splitting all those that live in the world.  So Bar has lost Bie, the Cats - Lion, Tiger, And, Bear have lost Ohmy, the car parts are all split up so no longer function as a car and the Lollz brothers and sisters are no longer together and at risk of losing their laughter!! However Penny appears in one world, and Leyla appears in the other and with the help of a Fairy

Godmother they may just be able to find each other, reunite all the characters and fix a broken kite!! They just have to make sure the Minions don’t catch them first…….