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The current head of the Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA) Academy is stepping down as head with a view to take up the peaceful pleasures of retirement. But the road to get there is anything but. The long standing rivalry between the creative academics and performance arts departments has reached boiling point. The prospect of the respective heads of department being able to step into the role and gain additional funding over the other for their department, is fuelling the fire which could very soon get out of hand and is spreading to the students.

On one side, you have the creative academics students with their flare for the written word and the knowledge gained from some of the worlds finest literature, who believe their refined intellect grants them superiority to aid their teacher in this matter. Where as the performing arts student believe it will be their practical thinking, mental discipline and their willingness to get involved proactively that will prevail. But their involvement in this feud has caused them to lose sight of the Academy’s pinnacle event… The end of year show case.

Will this contest for superiority end before its too late? Will the students tear the departments apart? Destroying the long standing reputation of the academy’s annual show case and with it, the reputation of the academy?

CAPA Acedemy follows this departmental war and is an original piece created by our Junior Youth Theatre. Tickets are just £7 for adults and £4 for young people under 16, with the show  taking place at 7:00pm on Sunday 29th and Monday 30h April, with an additional matinee taking place at 2:00pm on Sunday 29th. Tickets can be booked via telephone or email, through the methods listed on our Contacts page, which also contains the full address of the shows location, Penwortham Young Peoples Centre on Priory Lane Penwortham.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in this production, then feel free to pass on the events Flyer to them and if you have any questions regarding the event, or anything else Double R Arts related, then feel free to contact us via any of the methods listed on our Contacts page.