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A Holiday Hiccup - December 2016

It was the day before Christmas, and all was still,

The reindeers were napping,

The snowdudes were Chill.

Everything seems well in Lapland,

But there’s bad news to spill.


Mrs Claus had grown tired and weary of it all,

Kids had become greedy,

She’s ready to bawl.

So her fella Santa has thought of a motion,

To give them a break,

From all of this commotion.


But there’s been a bit of an error, in terms of timing,

However a reunion is on the cards,

That’s our story’s silver lining.


The Elves are mischievous, always messing about,

They’ll do something about this mishap,

 I have no doubt.  


If they could find a source of magic to lend a hand.

Maybe they can save Christmas,

That is what they have planned!

Double R Arts would like to give a huge thank you to Steve from Hand Beattie Photo for providing the photos featured in this gallery.