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2031- Back To The Centre - August 2016

The year is 2031 and Penwortham Young People’s Centre is yet again at risk of closure!!  However things have changed over the last 15 years…..Beth and Rachel are currently running branches of Double R Arts all over the country however the original group is still active, with Cat taking charge. Molly is now running the centre, Steph runs a café from it and Harrison is the Caretaker.  Due to the current situation Beth has asked Molly to bring all the original Double R Arts Senior Youth Theatre members back together to produce one last ‘big show’ in an effort to save the centre!!  So a reunion is on the cards and many members returning, but their lives have all taken very different paths.  Will they be able to put their differences aside so they can pull off one last show?  Or will the mysterious blue spotted hedgehog actually save the centre from closure………..